Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Why is it important to create a sense of community in your classroom? Easy – it helps with everything, all year. When students feel like they are part of a community, they are more apt to participate in activities, contribute to discussions and work hard. They take pride in what they do, because they feel as if what they do matters. Taking the time to build community helps to create a safe learning environment for both you and your students.

Whether you see your students all day, every day or once a week, this can be a challenge, but it’s possible (and important!). I know teachers that use teambuilding activities at the beginning of the year to help create community. Others assign projects where groups of students poll the class and post the results. Regardless of how, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

What kinds of things do you do to build community in your room?

What are the effects of that work you do?

Please share by commenting below.

Next blog – due out Sat. 3/6 – Building Community Through the Arts (will include an activity to try!)

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